Prayer Requests

If you have any specific prayer requests please email: or phone 01270 625268.

The following people have asked for your prayers:
(Normally) Read on Sundays and Communion:
Barbara Jones, Carol Smith, Mason Taylor,
Peter Brown, Christine Billing, Audrey Foster, Olga Keeble,
Pamela Cook, Rosemary Robinson, Shelby Kirk-Dam.

(Normally) Read at Morning Prayer:
Phil Taylor, Pat Lockett, Joyce & Peter Barry,
Renee Samways, Ian Littlewood, Angela Greaves,
The Hindley Family (Carol, Hannah & Matt),
The Bayliss Family (Christine, Grant, Beth & Sarah).

Prayers for the families of the departed:
George Cookson, Norman Gaughan, Dianne Arnell, Gerry Robinson, Julie Colclough, Hannelore Reeves, Herbert Boffey, Neville Buxton.

Prayers for the parish:
Mercer Way, Riverbank Close, Kingfisher Close, Larkspur Close, Meadowvale Close.

Prayers for the members of groups and activities:
Churchwardens, CAP Job Club, Gravity.

Mission Support – WaterAid to supply clean water especially in Kenya. Supported by our young people.