Good Friday Reflections – Introduction – by David Runcorn

Runcorn cross

Six Good Friday Reflections
These brief reflections were prepared for a traditional three-hour vigil at the cross but they could be spread through Holy Week. I suggest each could last 10-15 mins.
Please use and adapt them in any way you find helpful.
You may find it a help to have a cross and perhaps a lit candle as a focus. You do not need a specially made cross. You could use the image on this page (which I reflect on in the final meditation). Or a simple hand-drawn image or two twigs from the garden will be sufficient.
There are prayers to close each reflection and space to add your own responses to the theme of the reflection. The suggested hymn verses are for singing or reading – or substituted.
David Runcorn

Reflection 1
Reflection 2
Reflection 3
Reflection 4
Reflection 5
Reflection 6
Closing Reading & Prayers