Lent Course

The Cross of Jesus: the 2018 Lent Course for St Mary’s, Nantwich

We are offering this course for St Mary’s people in Lent 2018.

The Cross of Jesus is a six week programme that explores the most powerful and core event in the life of Jesus…his crucifixion.  So it is more than appropriate that we can follow this course as part of our Lenten discipline.

Lent starts on Ash Wednesday, 14 February. The course is for 6 weeks, which includes group meeting materials for 5 weeks and then a leaflet of daily meditations and prayers for each day from Palm Sunday to Good Friday. This leaflet will be given out to everyone at all services on Palm Sunday.

The course is one which follows on from the Jesus Shaped People course we studied from September 2015 to February 2016; and is produced by the same team as compiled Jesus Shaped People.

Each week, as with Jesus Shaped People, the study course is the main emphasis, and our worship on Sundays and during the week will all reflect the themes which we shall study. The Bible readings, hymns and sermons will all reflect the themes each week. The sermons will be available on the St Mary’s website for listening to and reading.  The whole reason of this way of worshipping and studying and then practising what we have studied, is to look at the Cross of Jesus in a fresh way.

The themes for each week are as follows:

14 February Ash Wednesday
Week beginning Sunday Sunday Theme
18 February 1st of Lent 1 Folly of the Cross
25 February 2nd of Lent 2 Wisdom of the Cross
4 March 3rd of Lent 3 Scale of the Cross
11 March 4th of Lent, Mothering Sunday 4 Love of the Cross
18 March Passion Sunday 5 Victory of the Cross
25 March Palm Sunday 6 Way of the Cross
1 April Easter Day


We realise that some of our Study Groups meet every other week, and therefore it may be appropriate for those to use the course for those weeks when they meet.

A list of our Study Groups will be published soon. You are encouraged to join one of them as we follow this season of Lent. Or maybe start a new one with some friends.

There is also a parallel programme for our young people, which ties in with the themes each week.

If you wish any further information, please contact Paul Ramsey on 01270 623093 or at paul.s.m.ramsey@btinternet.com.

  • This weeks audio (Due to technical issues there is no audio for this week, 25th March)
  • This weeks text (25th March)

For previous weeks sermons checkout our archive page.

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